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About Caminix

Caminix is your reliable suppliers for the industrial products of industrial metal balls,portable valve grinding machine, various valves testing equipments.We are located in Zhejiang province, which is the China’s biggest industrial valves manufacturing city, we offer a complete one stop parts and accessories and equipments for the valve industry. We have two factories, one is making the metal precision balls for ball valve, the other factory is making the valve testing equipment and spherical grinding machine. 


Our metal balls: 

Custom metal balls with holes and keyways

Drilled and tapped metal balls

Custom metal balls with flats and threads

Custom metal balls with stems

Spherical Lapping, finishing and grinding

Hollow metal balls


Our equipments

Portable Valve Grinding Machine 

Various Valve leakage hydrostatic testing machine 

CNC Spherical Grinding Machine 


We provide all engineering services and can customize as per your requirements to meet your application of your industrial products.

Our products are widely exported to many countries, welcome to send us your enquiry